Are you experiencing radiator problems? Is your boiler making strange noises?
from A Madden situated within Manchester and Warrington

If so this could indicate that your central heating has circulation problems. Power flushing is the easiest answer to this.
A power flush restores your central heating by removing the build up of products such as corrosion and scale deposits in your system and replacing them with treated water - this is also invaluable for preventing future problems and saving you money in the long run.
A Madden Plumbing & Heating are one of the most popular radiator repair companies in the Salford and Manchester areas, specialising in the most advanced methods of power flush cleaning. Initial consultations are always free so why not contact us today?
Clear Flow Power Flush - Manchester, Salford, Warrington - A Madden Plumbing & Heating - Clear Flow Power Flush

Are you in desperate need of a power flush clean? Find out more about our competitive prices today. Call 07776 190 992

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